Research in our lab is currently divided into two areas:

Biological Invasions:

The introduction of species into new environments has increasingly become an economically costly and environmentally destructive phenomenon. Our research on invasions primarily encompasses the following questions.

(i) What factors control susceptibility to invasion?

(ii) When and why do invasion impacts change in magnitude over time?

(iii) To what extent can native species assemblages recover following experimental invader removal?

Pollination Services:

Declining pollinator populations threaten to compromise the integrity of pollination services in both agricultural and non-managed systems. Our research addresses this general issue from three perspectives.

(i) How does land-use intensification threaten pollinator populations?

(ii) How do changing environmental conditions affect interactions between plants and pollinators?

(iii) How do non-native species interact with native pollinators, and when do these interactions negatively impact pollination services?

Holway Lab Ecology 2019